To work with no idea…
My images are most often developed in the making. Many works are completely abstract and to my mind reflect a contemplative and positive energy. Others are wholly involved with pure pattern - akin to collage and quilt work - and some draw on elements from nature. When I was a girl I loved to walk in the woods and study trees and wild flowers and all sorts of mushrooms. Images of some of these appear in my more narrative, autobiographical works.
I maintain the fascination with light and color I developed through many years of painting; it remains an important element as I select and arrange the felt I’ve made.  So there is a tension, a breathing dynamic, that vibrates on the surface as I strike a balance among these elements. 
My work over my lifetime is clearly all connected but it’s in my current work that I experience the most beauty and satisfaction. I hope that this work, like the paintings did, will find its way into museums and people’s homes and speak of human strength and spirit and beauty.